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Experiential Intelligence

Use Your Hidden Assets to Achieve Your Goals

Over 100 years ago, the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) became the standard to predict success. Fifty years later, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was introduced to measure a person’s ability to recognize and manage emotions. Now, Experiential Intelligence (XQ) expands our understanding about what’s needed to thrive in today’s disruptive world.

Experiential Intelligence is the combination of mindsets, abilities, and know-how gained from your unique life experience that empowers you to achieve goals and shape your future. While you can’t change your past, you can learn to more deeply understand your current circumstances and the factors that led to them. Within your unique stories are hidden strengths waiting for you to discover and use to achieve your goals and even help others to do the same.

By discovering your XQ, you gain the power to consciously choose the mindsets that will guide you into the future and the abilities you’ll tap into as you move forward. With greater awareness and intentionality, you can develop your own unique superpower. No one else possesses your distinct combination of mindsets and abilities because no one else has lived your experience. Your XQ is your own unique internal fingerprint.



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