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Culture of Innovation Online Application

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The Culture of Innovation online application includes everything Soren uses when he consults and advises leaders and organizations. Get step-by-step guidance, tools, and processes that you can use to create your own innovation culture. These same approaches have been used by Soren with some of the world’s most innovative organizations.

Praise for The Invisible Advantage

Rebecca Romano
Vice President of Talent Development, NBCUniversal

Culture is the key to innovation, and The Invisible Advantage helps leaders assess, frame, and create a sustainable environment for both innovation and growth.

Michael Wiener
Global Business Leader, 3M Health Care

We all know innovation is essential for success. But how to actually get innovation requires a mix of art and science. The Invisible Advantage shows exactly what’s needed to create a long-lasting culture of innovation.

Alexis Edelstein
Trade Marketing Innovation, Red Bull

Soren nails down the often hidden success factors that lead to real, sustainable innovation.

Kevin Martin
Chief Operating Officer, KQED Public Television & Radio, San Francisco

Soren helped our leadership team assess, design, and build an action plan for further embedding innovation into our culture.

Herbert Vallier
Executive VP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Ascension Health

The book simplifies a highly complex topic using practical examples.

David Underwood
Head of Talent Management & Analytics, California State Automobile Association Insurance Group

The Invisible Advantage can help anyone get their arms around how to actually lead the type of culture change that fosters innovation.

Flemming Poulfelt
Professor & Vice Dean, Copenhagen Business School

Soren Kaplan’s deep understanding of both innovation and organizational culture come together in a valuable framework with practical tools.

Jerry Yothment
General Manager, ArcelorMittal USA

The Invisible Advantage delivers on its promise. Working directly with Soren using his questionnaire, interview guide, and frameworks, we rallied our globally disbursed organization to invest in innovation pilot projects, create innovation awards, sponsor idea competitions, and embrace an overall shift in our mindsets and culture.

Alan Wolpert
General Manager, Innovation North America, Colgate-Palmolive

Soren’s insights are both powerful and deeply meaningful. His unique ability to distill complex ideas into simple innovation frameworks and guidelines is inspiring to any organization.

Lacey Leone McLaughlin
Director of Executive Education, Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California

Soren’s dynamic style pulls his audience in, gets them processing, and challenges them to think differently. I have had the pleasure of seeing Soren swiftly engage leaders across industries and functions and scope; this book is another great example of his ability to help others drive real organizational change.

Matthew May
Author, Winning the Brain Game: Fixing the Seven Fatal Flaws of Thinking

The Invisible Advantage is far more than a book, it’s a portal granting online access to a practical toolkit so powerful that it should be an indispensable guide for anyone charged with driving culture change in an organization.

Mark J. Laurie
PwC Managing Partner & Melbourne Business School PwC Ascent Executive Program

In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow – “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.” And this goes to the very heart of Soren’s excellent treatise on the Invisible Advantage. Competitive advantage is ultimately about culture, and aligning your organisation’s values, attitudes and behaviors to strike a culture promoting innovation is exactly what this book can help any leader to achieve.

Rowan Gibson
Bestselling author of The 4 Lenses of Innovation

At last a book that rips the invisibility cloak off today’s only defensible competitive advantage: a culture of innovation! It’s what every company wants but very few achieve. Soren shows us how to turn that aspiration into everyday reality by weaving together all the critical success factors for making innovation stick.

David Burkus
Author of Under New Management

In this entertaining and enlightening read, Soren makes the case that culture is your only lasting competitive advantage. Better yet, he reveals what is really takes to build an innovative culture.

Diane Nijs
Director, Imagineering Academy NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Soren’s unparalleled thought leadership in organizational culture and innovation come together to create a simple yet powerful framework for inspiring organizational transformation. The Invisible Advantage Map and culture assessment tools will surely become new standards in how we measure, understand, and shape the innovation cultures of our organizations.