It’s a real pleasure to be the kickoff keynote for the e-Learning Guild’s 2014 Learning Solutions conference in Orlando!

Download the slides from my presentation here.

Download Intuit’s Innovation Catalyst Toolkit here.

As I reflect on the future of learning and how it connects to “innovation,” it’s clear there are big challenges – and opportunities – ahead:

  • How do we capture and share knowledge from the wave of retiring baby boomers over the next decade?
  • How do we use technology to drive real-time, in the moment, on the job decision-making and action (aka applied learning)?
  • How do we skill-up and re-skill employees so they have what it takes to lead us into new markets and business models that shape the future?

Everyone at the conference has the opportunity to create answers to these important questions. When you do, innovation will surely result.

I hope my presentation provided some nugget of new insight for you. For more resources on how to create a culture of innovation, how to build leadership competencies for disruptive innovation and change, and other tools, visit the Articles & Press area of my blog.

Now, go innovate!