Soren has done it again! XQ is an essential concept for understanding what it takes to be successful in our rapid paced and constantly changing environment. Much as Soren’s books have deepened our understanding of innovation, XQ pushes past traditional views of intelligence to redefine what all leaders and organizations needs to build as competencies for the future.

President & CEO, Ascension Regional Health SystemStephanie Duggan MD

Experiential Intelligence delivers a simple yet powerful framework for next-generation leaders to delve deeper into how their life’s experiences shape who they are and how they show up and lead. The book broadens the lens with which we can consider how others’ life experiences add to the capabilities of our organizations, which opens new doors to what the future of inclusion holds.

Director of Corporate Relations & Executive Education, Center for Effective Organizations, USC Marshall School of BusinessJennifer Sparks Taylor

With the increased awareness of how an individual’s unique contributions and lived experiences can bring about transformation to the workplace, the new lens of Experiential Intelligence broadens the talent conversation and opens up possibilities for building a more diverse workforce.

Global Head of Talent & Organizational Development, NBCUniversalRebecca Romano

We all intuitively understand that experiences play a role in our leadership style. Experiential Intelligence uses powerful storytelling to take us on a journey to deeply understand our own XQ and teach us how to maximize the impact it has on our leadership and business success.

Chief Technology Officer, Colgate-PalmolivePat Verduin, Ph.D.

Soren Kaplan wades courageously into a half century of deep and often polarizing research on human intellect and emerges with a brilliant synthesis that provides the much-needed third leg of the intelligence stool. Experiential Intelligence is the perfect complement to IQ and EQ.

Coauthor of What A Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable GrowthMatthew E. May

The ability to understand your inherent capabilities as a product of life experiences is the essence of Experiential Intelligence. Leaders can harness XQ to unlock their own hidden strengths and that of their teams to drive transformative outcomes.

Vice President of Philanthropy, United Nations FoundationValencia Bembry

Experiential Intelligence provides an enlightening look at achieving personal and professional success and satisfaction.

President & CEO, KQED, PBS Public Media, San FranciscoMichael Isip

Experiential Intelligence is the “third leg of the stool”, along with IQ and EQ, to comprehensively assess and build the disruptive capacity of your employees and organization.

Executive Vice Chairman, Tupperware Brands & Former CEO, Herbalife NutritionRich Goudis

“Learning by doing” has long been a tenet of the educational process as it motivates and promotes participation. I am grateful to finally have a book that provides concrete examples of how experiential learning can shape the mindsets, abilities, and skills that not only help students succeed, but can also lead to personal growth, development, and success for the adults who work with them!

Superintendent, Salem New Hampshire Public School DistrictMaura Palmer
Reframing who and how we hire is more important than ever! With shifting strategies, priorities and a quickly changing world, companies should be looking at the metrics for employees that really matter. Experiential Intelligence is the ultimate guide to equip leaders to know who has the talent they need to propel their business into the future.
Thinkers50 #1 Executive Coach and New York Times bestselling author of The Earned Life, Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You ThereDr. Marshall Goldsmith