In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow – “The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.” And this goes to the very heart of Soren’s excellent treatise on the Invisible Advantage. Competitive advantage is ultimately about culture, and aligning your organisation’s values, attitudes and behaviors to strike a culture promoting innovation is exactly what this book can help any leader to achieve.

Mark J. LauriePwC Managing Partner & Melbourne Business School PwC Ascent Executive Program

At last a book that rips the invisibility cloak off today’s only defensible competitive advantage: a culture of innovation! It’s what every company wants but very few achieve. Soren shows us how to turn that aspiration into everyday reality by weaving together all the critical success factors for making innovation stick.

Rowan GibsonBestselling author of The 4 Lenses of Innovation

In this entertaining and enlightening read, Soren makes the case that culture is your only lasting competitive advantage. Better yet, he reveals what is really takes to build an innovative culture.

David BurkusAuthor of Under New Management

Soren’s unparalleled thought leadership in organizational culture and innovation come together to create a simple yet powerful framework for inspiring organizational transformation. The Invisible Advantage Map and culture assessment tools will surely become new standards in how we measure, understand, and shape the innovation cultures of our organizations.

Diane NijsDirector, Imagineering Academy NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

Leapfrogging challenges its readers to break out of conventional thinking by employing a few simple notions: know who you are, stay true to your purpose and enjoy the journey along the way. By showcasing examples of challenging conventional thinking, embracing surprise and welcoming failure as a learning exercise, readers will learn from the stories of others. Kaplan’s book is part storytelling, part self-reflection. Leapfrogging shows that leaders who look inward to challenge the status quo will be on track to truly change the game.

Sarah Robb O’HaganPresident of Gatorade

Breakthroughs in business don’t follow set formulas. We must continually explore options, test and modify our assumptions based on results and feedback. Then, we can adapt to what we experience and learn. Leapfrogging delivers new principles and tools that anyone can apply to their business, whether they’re just starting out or leading an established organization. Leapfrogging is the new guide for entrepreneurs and leaders in today’s environment.

Glenn AllenCo-Founder of OpenTable

Throughout my career I have relied on building prototypes to guide the path to great solutions. Whether it is a new product, service, experience or business, the goal is to challenge assumptions and find unexpected and hopefully breakthrough insights, and these often come in the form of small and large surprises. Soren’s treatise hits the nail on the head.

Dean HoveyPresident & CEO of Digifit and Co-Founder of IDEO

Change and therefore innovation, is often seen as disruptive and uncomfortable. When a change requires us to adjust our own habits and behaviors, it takes additional energy to learn, understand, and adapt, as well as to take the risk of leaving known paths to try new ways. Leapfrogging provides individuals and organizations a tried-and-true path for stepping into the unknown. With experience and compassion, Soren leads the reader through a process that is not only imaginable, but invaluable. While breakthroughs often require a certain degree of breakdown first, by following the Leapfrogging process you can feel confident the breakthrough will happen and the journey will be worth the risk!

Renee DineenHead of Organizational Development, Roche Pharma Division

Kaplan’s book is a powerful and practical read on an aspect of breakthrough thinking that many of us have been missing – even though it’s always been there right in front of us. Through the use of compelling stories, he brings to the foreground principles and practices that cause the reader to see the world of opportunities with a new lens. His integration of what it takes to innovate, both organizationally and personally, is exceedingly pragmatic. And his use of questions to help readers reveal their own insights and wisdom make this a must read for anyone wanting to take their success to the next level.

Teresa RocheVice President and Chief Learning Officer, Agilent Technologies

There is no doubt that one’s mindset is a critical lever in driving true business innovation. In Leapfrogging, Soren Kaplan has outlined exactly the right principles for creating an organizational mindset that challenges orthodoxies, and seeks out and learns from surprises.

Deborah ArcoleoDirector, Global Innovation Center of Excellence, The Hershey Company